Week 2 – Alkaline Diet continues

Well have gone full on with the Alkaline Diet – and it’s semi-taken over the weight-watchers – although what i now do is make sure i don’t go over my pro-points allowance but sculpt the diet to suit all of the green leafy vegies, pure-veda etc.  The guys at Fundies have been amazing and given me lots of advice.

So far what i’m noticing is i can walk up and down stairs without pain, have stopped taking Nexium for a Oesophagitis and am not suffering reflux that much.  Can now go on long walks and more important have the energy to go on long walks and don’t end up having to stop in pain.

There’s also another thing happening – and that’s the great de-clutter project is in full swing and in earnest, i’ve thrown out so much stuff it’s not funny, it feels like i’m just surrounded by stuff and so it’s all going, and the more i do the better i feel.  So i’m not sure if the diet is enhancing the de-cluttering or the de-cluttering is enhancing the diet but whichever way – i’m not complaining.  The other thing that’s happening is the permanent fog i seem to be in – is beginning to lift.  So I gotta admit I tried this alkaline diet sceptically, but would totally recommend it.  Dancing Thursday night.

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Week 1

Week 1 was going really well until i misread pro-points in bacon and blew my pro-points out of the water – ended up only losing .07 kg – but have started looking at alkaline diets and starting to adjust my diet to one, am feeling much better – not so much pain, can walk easier and actually have energy – maybe this alkaline thing has a point

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